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A company can tout itself all day long, but in the end it’s employees and consumers who have the last word. MCA Motor Club has fared pretty successfully in many aspects over the years it’s been in business, but most recently they’re proud of their 4.2 star rating with employer review website GlassDoor.com

What is GlassDoor.com?

GlassDoor is a popular website targeting job seekers, where anyone can view users’ experiences with thousands of employers. Employers are rated based on all sorts of criteria, and the end result is a rating based on a 5-star framework.

Employees rate their employers on everything from salary to “outlook”. They can (and almost always do) write the pros and cons of working for a particular company, and finally submit helpful information in the “Advice to Management” area at the end of the review form.

What Employees Said About MCA Motorclub of America

MCA MotorClub of America has earned 4.2 stars out of 5, which is impressive overall but especially for the network marketing industry. That’s because the nature of network marketing tends to be misunderstood by many employees new to the industry.

Employees, or “Independent Associates” of the company report an overall very pleasant experience working there (almost as good as members of the Wealthy Affiliate MLM). In fact, 81% of them would recommend working there to their friends.

Among the statements made by employees on the review section were:

  • “It’s amazing to work for.”
  • “Great Service, Better Opportunity
  • “CHALLENGING but very rewarding!”
  • “I already started working for this company about a week and a half ago and I’m already making sales.”

Although reviews were generally positive, the cons listed included “chargebacks” and the need (or desire) for more company events.

Many network marketing companies hold events to bring far-flung marketers together for networking, training, workshops, and awards…all of which serve to motivate and inspire the mostly independent business owners who typically operate in these types of business structures (see http://multiplestreams.org/mca-motorclub-of-america/).

GlassDoor does not allow companies to remove reviews or any other type of user-generated content from the GlassDoor website. That’s just one way they ensure authenticity and trustworthiness.

Indeed, millions of visitors to the site trust the reviews and advice given there, just for that reason alone. There’s also good info on interview questions they might encounter when applying for a job at a particular company, or other preparedness tips.

It’s simply a good place to go to get a temperature reading on a company you’re interested in working for. Take, for example, one of MCA Motorclub of America’s main competitors in the insurance industry, the American Automobile Association. Their GlassDoor rating is only 3.1 out of 5 stars. Although not structured as a network marketing corporation, AAA does compete directly with MCA for customers.

To compare MCA Motorclub with another network marketing organization, take a look at Herbalife, one of the oldest and most famous network marketing companies in the world.

Herbalife’s GlassDoor rating is 3.7 and only 73% of employees would recommend working there to their friends.

Hats off to you, MCA Motorclub of America, and keep up the good work!