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"These properties are donated and dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America for the purpose of perpetuating faith—self reliance—integrity—freedom. Principles used to build this great country by the American pioneer so that these future citizens may, through thoughtful adult guidance, and by the inspiration of nature visualize and form a code of living to diligently maintain these high ideals and our proper destiny."
~Waite Phillips at the dedication of Philmont

 Welcome to the Philmont Forum!

This website is dedicated to Philmont Scout Ranch and other high adventure opportunities in the Scouting programs.  The site includes a message board (forum), a private messaging system, and user profiles and features.  If you are already a regisitered member, login and update your profile.  If you are not already a registered member, register and join the community.

All registered members have full access to post messages and reply to messages on the message board, to write Philmont articles and blogs, to upload and download photos from the photo gallery, and to upload and download documents and files from the "download" section. So look around, login or register, then join the community of users.


Looking for a crew

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This year's troop Philmont crew is on their way to camp via Amtrak. My son, Cody was supposed to have been crew leader, and I was to have been his lead advisor.We had to change our plans after Cody was hit by a car in May. He spent 17 days In a coma, then another seven weeks in hospitals. We brought him home yesterday, just in time to say goodbye to his crew. This is a little hard to take, but we're just glad he's alive, and we will try to get out to PSR next season. Toward that end, we Are looking for a crew, or will attempt to put one together on our own, that is interested in trek #30 or #32 in 2012. We are well equipped, capable and WFA trained. We are in the Chicago area, but would travel some to meet up for shakedowns as necessary.

{edit by Shane:  Paul is going to post this on the message board as well for replies.  Please reply to him there.  God speed to Cody.  Hope you guys get out to Philimont next year.}
Last Updated on Sunday, 31 July 2011 14:15

Philmont Fire Danger

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Philmont Scout Ranch, Fire Danger Information Page


Fire Danger – Extreme

June 11, 2011

To: Philmont Scout Ranch Staff and Participants
From: Mark Anderson, Director of Program
Subject: Changes in Fire Restrictions

The Fire Danger status on Philmont Scout Ranch has been established as Extreme.

This is the result of continued low humidity, strong winds, warm temperatures and low levels of moisture during the winter and spring.

Extreme means that fires start quickly, spread furiously, and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious. Development into high intensity burning will usually be faster and occur from smaller fires than in the very high danger class. Every fire has the potential to become large. Expect extreme erratic behavior. NO outdoor burning should take place in areas with extreme fire behavior. Fire restrictions will be in place.

Notice of fire restrictions status will be posted at Logistics, Welcome Center, Philmont Training Center Bulletin Boards and Backcountry Staffed Camps. Everyone should be watchful of potential fires. Report fires to Logistics at Philmont Extension 1239 or call 911.

Fire Restrictions

• Open fires and fireworks are prohibited.

• No crew campfires in the backcountry. All crews must use stoves for cooking. The stove should be located in or adjacent to the fire ring.

• Smoking is restricted to safe designated areas:

1. PTC – Curtis Multiplex Pavilion
2. PTC – Staff Area behind shower house.
3. CHQ – Advisor Lounge Smoking Room.
4. CHQ – Dining Fly behind the Silver Sage Staff Activities Center at the edge of the fence line.
5. CHQ – Dining Fly near the Staff Fitness Center.
6. Cattle Headquarters – Designated area.
7. Designated fire ring at Staff and Trail Camps. No smoking along the trail.
8. Inside a motor vehicle equipped with an ash tray.

• Program restrictions:

o No program campfires. Backcountry Camps will use kerosene lanterns at program campfire locations.
o Use of fire places is prohibited.
o Use of Tabasco Donkey water heater systems is prohibited.
o During red flag warnings – use of wood burning stoves is prohibited.
o Wood fires at Chuck Wagon, Mexican Dinner and Cobbler Delights are prohibited.

• Black Smith Forges, black powder shooting (in a designated cleared area), use of propane and use of charcoal at designated areas is permitted.

Carson National Forest – Stage I Fire Restrictions

Effective: June 10, 2011

• Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, wood or charcoal burning stove fire except within a developed recreation site in grills.
• Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable material.
• Possessing, discharging or using any kind of fire work or other pyrotechnic device.
• Gas and propane stoves, lanterns or heating devices are permitted.


Boy Scout Geology and Geocaching Camporee

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Learn about the exciting new game of geocaching with the new program Geocaching Merit Badge. Boys engage in activities to learn the use of a GPS unit, learn the importance of the compass skills to geocaching, and head out on their own geocache hunt. Saturday evening, indulge in a pre-tour presentation on cave conservation, cave formation and cave life. Then down into the cave for a flashlight tour of the night with two beautiful crystal caverns. Sunday, turn your thoughts to the geology - each boy select their own stone and mineral collections, learn to identify fossils with a session at home, while discussing the history of the earth, mining and mineral resources. Two days of learning and practice on fun specially designed to meet Geocaching Merit Badge requirements and geology. Includes two nights camping, lunch both days, the material containing CITO, collecting rocks and minerals, fossil collecting and guided cave flashlight.
Options A day / night. Pre-registration is required. Deposit accepted at the time of registration, with balance two weeks before the event date. For more information on this event and other Scout programs, please visit our Scoutmaster Area
With the new Geocaching Merit Badge, boys will learn about the exciting new game of geocaching engaging in activities to learn the use of a GPS unit, learn the importance of the compass skills, head out on their own geocache hunt, indulge in an interesting tour presentation on cave conservation, cave formation and cave life. Then down into the cave for a flashlight tour of the night with beautiful crystal caverns.

Thoughts of geology will follow throughout the whole process, countless notes are necessary to be taken by each boys from where they will select their own stone and mineral collections for their perusal, and learn to identify fossil session while discussing the history of the earth, mining and mineral resources.

In anticipation of the harshness that mother nature might bring to the entire activities, it is highly recommended to use waterproof working papers. Being a Geology Geocaching, researched information is necessary to be preserved at all times together with the fossils and collected stones. Recently, Nomad Adventure release their waterproof journals intended solely for Geocaching. There have been others of this kind out there but this one supports the BSA.

CITO containing materials, rocks and minerals selecting, fossil collecting and guided cave flashlight are just some fun activities which will spark learnings and best practices on these kind of activities which are specially designed to meet Geocaching Merit Badge requirements on the grounds of Geology. 

Last Updated on Saturday, 04 June 2011 15:21

Waypoint Downloading

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I am a novice GPS user at best, and I found the waypoints on this site in the download section.  How do I get them from this site to my GPS unit?  I have tried cut and paste, drag, download, etc.  I know someone out there is more technow savvy than most.
Thanks in advance.

Scott Parsons
Venture Crew 3 - the countdown is t-27 days!

Coffee on the trail

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Need your morning cup of Jo?  What are you going to do when there’s no Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks at every trail intersection?  If you can’t do without, then you need to bring it with you and do it yourself.  Like other equipment, there are several options available:

  • Types to consider:
    • Instant (available at the Advisor’s meeting the first night you arrive at Philmont).
      •   Even Starbucks makes an instant
    • Concentrate, such as Java Juice.
    • Coffee bags (like tea bags)
    • Ground coffee
  • Insulated mug,
  • Container to heat water:
    • Small pot from a Scout mess kit or MSR kettle
  • Stove to heat water:
    • Use the crew’s stove
    • If you use any other stove, such as a canister stove or alcohol stove, you will need to bring the fuel with you to Philmont (but not on an airline)
      • Canister stove such as:
        • MSR Pocket rocket
        • JetBoil
      • Solid fuel stove, such as Esbit
  • Coffee maker (if using grounds):
    • Filter such as the Mugmate filter
    • Drip, such as GSI collapsible filter
    • French press, compatible with your coffee mug

Coffee is another item to try out on the training treks and find out what works best for you before arriving at Philmont.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 April 2011 15:00

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Philmont Fire Information

For up to date fire information, please see Philmont's "Fire Information and Travel Delays" page.  You can get to that page by clicking HERE.


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