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"These properties are donated and dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America for the purpose of perpetuating faith—self reliance—integrity—freedom. Principles used to build this great country by the American pioneer so that these future citizens may, through thoughtful adult guidance, and by the inspiration of nature visualize and form a code of living to diligently maintain these high ideals and our proper destiny."
~Waite Phillips at the dedication of Philmont

 Welcome to the Philmont Forum!

This website is dedicated to Philmont Scout Ranch and other high adventure opportunities in the Scouting programs.  The site includes a message board (forum), a private messaging system, and user profiles and features.  If you are already a regisitered member, login and update your profile.  If you are not already a registered member, register and join the community.

All registered members have full access to post messages and reply to messages on the message board, to write Philmont articles and blogs, to upload and download photos from the photo gallery, and to upload and download documents and files from the "download" section. So look around, login or register, then join the community of users.


Weight limits

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Do they stick to the weight requirements ofr adults for the treks? I have been dieting and working out three to five days a week for the last three months. Feel better than I have in years but still short for the weight requirements. Do they allow anything over for adults?
Old guy108

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 April 2011 17:09

New medical form (apparently)

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It appears the Philmont is posting the "Philmont Health Form" on their website. Check out

Looks like it will be easier to deal with the "I lost my health form".
Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 January 2011 18:50

Philmont Field Guide

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After over 3 year's in the making the Philmont Field Guide is now available, check it out! 

The mission of the Philmont Field Guide is to acquaint and inspire staff, campers and visitors to enjoy and learn about the natural and cultural history of Philmont and the surrounding area.  The field guide is composed of eleven chapters:   Understanding nature, flora, fauna, weather, geology, astronomy, cultural history, human impacts, fire management, leave no trace and serving future generations.  The flora and fauna of Philmont are a major focus of the book and cultural history is crucial to a thorough understanding of the ranch.

Philmont Field Guide

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 January 2011 17:00

Yes! Troop 166 receives confirmation email

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I'm excited,  got the forwarded email from our scoutmaster with our confirmation. and invited interested persons to sign up. Which  I  gladly did.  Hopefully my oldest son will be able to go, won't let him know till after finals.  It would be three trips for both of us, a record with our troop. I am willing to step aside and let other dads in the troop go if there is interest, going to Philmont is a special experience, especially with your son or daughter.  However, if no one steps up,  HERE I GO,   did I say i was excited?  Woo Hoo!                       Only maybe downside is the date of the trek  July 20 to Aug1,  which is kinda late,   I think about that time it starts to get rainy. But like they say, there is no bad trek at Philmont.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 December 2010 21:17

2011 Philmont Advisor's Guide

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"Coop Wright's Philmont Advisor's Guide" is an unofficial publication developed and supported with input from experienced advisors and Philmont Rangers for over 20 years.  Originally begun by NCAC scouters Coop Wright and Wally Feurtado, it is updated continually throughout each year, in response to changes in Philmont best practices, policies and protocols. There is also a once-annual "overhaul" at the completion of the prior camping season, which was just finalized.

This 100 page guide has proven invaluable to legions of scouters for more than twenty years, yet remains fresh, timely, and insightful.  The guide is a compilation of input from a network of advisors and staffers, which is what makes it unique. That network also includes experienced female advisors, rangers and ranger trainers, which adds an important perspective for the growing Venturing population at Philmont - and gives women the option of contacting peers "off-line" through contact info in the guide for questions.

This guide is written to include best practices for all who trek at Philmont. We will continue to reference campers’ use of both old and new, traditional and ultra-lite products and philosophies, with the belief that has been the foundation of the Philmont Advisor’s Guide: There is no one “right way” to do Philmont.

For more information, use the website link:  This year's Philmont Advisor's Guide benefits a youth Cancer Survivor's Trek at Philmont, being provided at no cost to scouts who are survivors of cancer.  For more information on this trek, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Philmont Fire Information

For up to date fire information, please see Philmont's "Fire Information and Travel Delays" page.  You can get to that page by clicking HERE.


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