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"These properties are donated and dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America for the purpose of perpetuating faith—self reliance—integrity—freedom. Principles used to build this great country by the American pioneer so that these future citizens may, through thoughtful adult guidance, and by the inspiration of nature visualize and form a code of living to diligently maintain these high ideals and our proper destiny."
~Waite Phillips at the dedication of Philmont

 Welcome to the Philmont Forum!

This website is dedicated to Philmont Scout Ranch and other high adventure opportunities in the Scouting programs.  The site includes a message board (forum), a private messaging system, and user profiles and features.  If you are already a regisitered member, login and update your profile.  If you are not already a registered member, register and join the community.

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2012 Philmont Backpacking Expedition Registration

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icon 2012 Philmont Program Information 
icon 2012 Philmont Unit Registration Pkt

arrowheadPreliminary information is out for registering your unit for the 2012 Philmont backpacking season.

2012 Philmont participants must be 14 years of age on the date of arrival OR have completed the eighth (8th) grade and be at least 13 years of age prior to participation. Philmont can make no exceptions.

The arrival dates for 2012, 12-day Expeditions are June 8 thru August 9. The cost for the 12 day Expedition is $740 per person. Arrival dates for treks of a shorter duration are August 10 thru 14. The cost for the 7 day Expedition is $450 per person. The crew size is 7-12 members, including leaders.

Individual Unit Reservations for the year 2012 will take place during November 2010 using a web-based registration process. A registration information packet with all the instructions for the registration system will be emailed to all interested units by mid-October 2010 and will be posted to in mid-October. Units may request this information by contacting Philmont Scout Ranch at 575-376-2281 x 1139 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Unit Registration Packet is now attached to this article.
Last Updated on Friday, 08 October 2010 19:02

Rayado participant selection and timing?

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can anyone describe the selection of participants and timing for notification for Rayado?  I have been asked to make recommendations for more scouts for this program and have questions from parents for planning purposes.  thanks. 

Last Updated on Saturday, 25 September 2010 14:52

New Philmont Inspired Campfire Song

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Check out a new campfire song inspired by Philmont on Youtube:

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Fun to listen to.   Photos of a Mountain Trek.  Might be good addition to the Philmont song book to consider.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 September 2010 19:45

Ideas for female hikers

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I was shocked when I encountered a female staff at Philmont that had no idea what a female urination device was. Any woman coming to Philmont needs to immediately order one on line to use while at Philmont. The device allows you the freedom to urinate standing up just like the guys. Forget the whole idea of squatting under a poncho. I ordered mine from Krista's cups and it worked great. I even used it in the tent at night with a beverage bottle so I didn't have to worry about bears.

Other items I strongly recommend are hiking poles, a wicking hat, an inflatable neck pillow, a camelback bladder, and clothes that fit. The hiking poles helped soften the load from my knees and actually built muscle in my arms. The wicking hat pulled sweat from my head and allowed it to evaporate. The pillow worked great for travel and camping and weighed almost nothing. Because of its shape it even allowed me to breathe when I slept on my stomach. I didn't have a Camelback, but I am going to buy one. The boys that had them did so much better and didn't have to stop to hydrate. I was always fiddling with my water bottles. I know how it is not wanting to spend another dime, but it will be worth every penny. I tried to save money by buying men's clothing. It was cheaper and the shirts are fine of course, but the pants are ill fitting and not very comfortable. I thought it was fine for a week, but I really regret the purchases now since I have been hiking twice since I returned last week and the pants are really uncomfortable. As I said, the women's versions are more expensive since they are harder to find, but now I realize it would have been worth it to spend the extra money for clothes that actually fit me comfortably.

I bought a lot of gear through Sierra Trading Post. They seemed to have very cheap pricing compared to the big box sports stores in our area. Good luck and enjoy. Our troop is talking about returning in three years and I can't wait. I LOVED every minute I spent at Philmont. Relax, let the boys take charge and enjoy it. Try not to mother them. I really bonded with the boys and I can only hope they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 September 2010 19:54

Looking for 2011 Philmont Trek

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If your troop has won a 2011 trek through the lottery but are unable to use it, My troop is very interested in talking to you. We have a full group of boys that would love to attend but didn't get a trek for 2010 or 2011. You can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thanks!!
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 September 2010 19:40

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Philmont Fire Information

For up to date fire information, please see Philmont's "Fire Information and Travel Delays" page.  You can get to that page by clicking HERE.


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