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Coffee on the trail

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Need your morning cup of Jo?  What are you going to do when there’s no Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks at every trail intersection?  If you can’t do without, then you need to bring it with you and do it yourself.  Like other equipment, there are several options available:

  • Types to consider:
    • Instant (available at the Advisor’s meeting the first night you arrive at Philmont).
      •   Even Starbucks makes an instant
    • Concentrate, such as Java Juice.
    • Coffee bags (like tea bags)
    • Ground coffee
  • Insulated mug,
  • Container to heat water:
    • Small pot from a Scout mess kit or MSR kettle
  • Stove to heat water:
    • Use the crew’s stove
    • If you use any other stove, such as a canister stove or alcohol stove, you will need to bring the fuel with you to Philmont (but not on an airline)
      • Canister stove such as:
        • MSR Pocket rocket
        • JetBoil
      • Solid fuel stove, such as Esbit
  • Coffee maker (if using grounds):
    • Filter such as the Mugmate filter
    • Drip, such as GSI collapsible filter
    • French press, compatible with your coffee mug

Coffee is another item to try out on the training treks and find out what works best for you before arriving at Philmont.

Comments (14)
  • EdDzierzak

    The latest Guide to Safe Scouting "prohibits" homemade alcohol stoves and has various forms of alcohol on the "Not Recommended" fuels list. :(

    That said, one of our advisors did bring a purchased alcohol stove and fuel (bought the fuel in Albuquerque) on last year's trek (2010).

  • wmacbride

    I did a double bag each morning. There seemed to be no lack of coffee at staffed camp's leaders meetings - if you want to stay up all night! They always serve it in the evening.

  • Philmont two timer

    I personally quit drinking coffee a month before trek time. tough for the first week or two with headaches and just not feeling good, after that I feel great and don't have to worry about getting coffee at Philmont.

  • Bruce Day

    I get top quality Peet's coffee, high test, and fix it cowboy style every morning by boiling a small coffeepot of water, putting in the coffee and lettting it settle, then strain out the chewy stuff. I get up before the boys do, get the coffee going and then wake the crew leader if he is not up.

    One of my morning delights and its a great start on the day.

  • Peaks  - re:
    EdDzierzak wrote:
    The latest Guide to Safe Scouting "prohibits" homemade alcohol stoves and has various forms of alcohol on the "Not Recommended" fuels list. :(

    That said, one of our advisors did bring a purchased alcohol stove and fuel (bought the fuel in Albuquerque) on last year's trek (2010).

    Looks like revision #1 to the write-up.

  • mrphilmont

    You can get fuel canisters (propane blend) in the Philmont trading posts.
    I don't understand the use of alcohol takes forever to boil water. I saw a comparison with a jetboil.... 2 cups water: jetboil 2 min / alcohol 10 min. (to bring to boil)

  • LizInSeattle

    The Scoutmaster (my hubby) and I live and die by Starbucks Via on the trail. Yes, we're from Seattle! But an envelope of that in boiling water makes a hearty 8 oz cup. For 12 oz, I use a bigger cup and two envelopes of Italian roast. Like I said, I'm from Seattle. Highly recommended, quick, and painless.

  • cadence218

    If you are specific coffee or tea brand, bring on a supply from home as coffee and tea are not included in the meal packages. However, after the advisor's meeting in the afternoon of Philmont Day 1, sachet/packets of instant coffee, creamers, sugar, and tea bags will be available to everyone. All Advisors can get what they would want, but remember that there is no re-supply at the commissaries. These "Advisors Coffee" is located on the cabin porch at night after dinner. Here, brewed coffees or teas, and maybe donuts or something similar, are available.

  • Jenny B

    You can get lots of instant coffee and condiments at the Advisor's meeting before you hit the trail. Starbuck's Via is excellent. And, if memory serves correctly, I think you can pick up instant coffee at the commissarys.

  • Philmont-Ranger

    We usually take along the teabag style of coffee for the trail. On our most recent trek we took along "tube" packets of instant coffee crystals which work reasonably well too. We rarely take the time in the morning to boil water for coffee, but instead start the day with 2 Excedrin. When we reach camp one of the advisors will start water for coffee while the crew is setting up camp. This makes for a nice break in the day.

  • Alan In AZ

    I take Starbucks Via - works well is small, easy and pretty good.

    I use a Jetboil to heat water (crew gear) and I have made a cozy for my titanium cup (w/flap lid) - it keeps my coffee drinkably hot for about 45+ minutes - love this because I always get distracted doing something before I finish it - great to come back to it still warm.

    I also take tea bags of various types (mint/orange) like this in the afternoon.

    Though I do drink coffee at advisors coffee - I sleep better when I have hot cocoa instead - they usually have this (and often apple cider) & always have hot water available 7-8pm

  • heldtrl

    Starbucks Via and JetBoil is the way to go. I tried the JetBoil french press with real coffee but Leave No Trace makes this a pain. After two days of dealing with the grounds and cleaning the JetBoil I threw the coffee in the trash, bought the Via's at one of the staffed camps trading post, and enjoyed faster coffee and easier cleanup.

  • Anonymous  - Starbucks Via

    I have to agree with Liz and the others about the Starbucks Vias. They weigh almost nothing, are very strong if youget the darker roasts and minimal trash to tote out. I've used them for the last year and love them. They are a little pricey ($.75 per cup), but they are worth it to me. Folgers is making a similar product now that is much cheaper.

  • stuck gieser  - Wondering About Coffee?

    What about chewing on several coffee beans at the start of your morning? I'm reluctant to give up coffee a month before we go to Philmont & then for the time we are there. Does eating coffee beans interfere with being able to stay hydrated?

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