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Mixed Crew recommendation

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Hello everyone!  I am taking a mixed gender crew to Philmont in 2012.  I'm just wondering if anyone on this forum has done this, and how they were able to have the females in the crew have some privacy while changing.  Did you bring an extra blanket to change behind, or what?  If you have experience in this area, I'd appreciate it!  Thanks!
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  • shane

    I've taken coed crews to Philmont twice - 2005 & 2008.

    We had zero issues with privacy. Changing was done in the tents - both guys and girls. Another option is to use the red roof inns for changing if needed while on the trail. On trail potty breaks were handled by the girls going one way and the guys going the other.

  • JennyB

    On my 2010 trip we weren't allowed to change in our tents. As I was the only female, I just dodged behind a tree, or bush or whatever. Thanks for the reply!

  • 374Philmont

    I am surprised that you say "you were not allowed to change in your tents." I thought that this was one of the main reasons that Philmont requires tents for all participants.

    I have had two crews that have had female members. In both cases all changing was done in the tents, which actually is required for all male crews as well. Male adults and/or youth are not allowed to change clothes in front of each other.

  • EdDzierzak

    Not done this yet, we're a 2012 crew. In general, women's issues are covered well in the "Philmont Advisor's Guide". It's an unofficial publication with great information that's updated annually.

    Well worth the $10.

  • JennyB

    Thanks - I've got a copy already, but this issue isn't really covered in it. I'm thinking having an extra blanket to change behind is probably the safest choice. Have a great trip!

  • schnitzel

    We had a crew with two females this past summer and like shane we had zero issues. They changed in their tents (just like anyone else did) but surely a tree or bush would have worked as well. Another handy item (that both women swore by!) is a device that allowed them to pee standing up.

    I would NOT bother lugging around an extra blanket for them to stand behind. If you really feel the need to erect a partition you could always use something you are already carrying like the Philmont issued tarp or a rain fly from a tent.

  • SKuhn

    I'm with 374Philmont on this one..... only instance I can think of that it would be ACCEPTABLE to change OUTSIDE of your tent is if you had a food related accident and didn't want to take food covered clothing into your tent, otherwise TOO many youth protection red flags go off in my head!!

    Regarding a food accident, ideally you wouldn't even want to leave the bearmuda triangle.

    Now changing outside of a tent may have been the protocol 20 years ago, but I can't imagine it is the standard taught to rangers today - I traveled just fine with my all male crew, as the only female, I can only imagine the look on some of their faces if they would have been required to change in front of everyone!!! :( :confused: Many kids today have real 'privacy' issues....

  • jcwscouter

    Of my 11 treks, 10 have had at least one female crew adviser (my wife), most have had multiple, 3 with co-ed youth. We have never had issues. Like most of the previous posts, in the tent is the most readily available option. We have also always stressed that all participants are old enough to be able to handle the responsibility of appropriate behavior in respecting the privacy needs of ALL crew members . . . female or male. This is part of our training protocol . . . communicated to parents from the start . . . those that demonstrate they can't live up to the standard don't get to go.


  • msiebert

    Been three times with females. The biggest was in 2009 when we took 7 girls and 1 female advisor with 1 boy and 3 male advsors .

    I agree totally with last post. Its all about TRAINING the participants about respecting privacy.
    We didn't use tents, but had a strict protical about how and where people went to change or go to the bathroom.

    I am returning this year with more females. And we are thinking about taking a section of tyvex or other lightweight fabric that can be made into small barrier for privacy, for bathing, changing or bathroom breaks.

    Put 4 hiking poles in cirlce, wrap material around and have person inside, we are practicing this now and will see if it works.

  • Philmont-Ranger

    We've taken multiple crew to Phimont from our co-ed Venture Crew and have never had an issue with a mixed crew. As Jim said, everyone is expected to act responsibly as far as changing, bathroom breaks and personal hygene are concerned. On the trail for breaks the guys went to one side of the trail, and the gals to the other.

    In camp all changing was done in tents. We did not have any issues with food contaminated clothing, but if we did the red roof inn would be the first choice of changing room.

    As for visiting the red roof inn, whether male or female we always teach our Crew members to knock first before entering. The only problem is with with the other crews who aren't familiar with working in a co-ed environment which is why the females generally take a buddy to "stand guard" outside the red roof inn for them.

    Mutual respect is the key issue. We've been lucky in that most of the Crew members are friends outside of Scouting being in the band, choir or sports together in school. While at times this breeds too much familiarity between them, it has generally been a good thing. On the trail each Crew member whether youth, adult, male or female conducts themselves very well. There is certainly a nice dynamic in a co-ed Crew that is not present in an all male crew.

    This next trek was almost an all female Crew with the exception of two of the three adults being male. However we have had a male youth sign up at our last meeting. That situation was going to be a new one for us for sure.

    Good luck, train well, and have a great time at Philmont.

  • Chas  - No Problems

    I took a Coed crew in 2010, and will be going back on June 22 this year with another one. All changing was done in the tents. The Boys knew the rules before we arrived at Philmont, so we had no issues there either.

  • RickInAZ

    I'm taking a "girls only" Venturing Crew in July. We have 17 girls going, 3 female leaders, and myself and another male leader. So he and I will be in the minority!! The girls have done very well on all of our prep hikes, so we'll see how things go once we're actually there. The other male adviser and I will be sleeping in individual tents so we can each camp with one of the trek crews and help them feel a little more secure / safe.

    I've been to Philmont once before with an all male crew, and am going in June of this year with another all male crew, so the co-ed part will be new to me, too!

    (Yes - I'm going in June with the boys, am home for 10 days, and back up with the girls. The girls actually got drawn for a longer itinerary, so I guess we'll see how I do with just a short break!)

  • Trailmom

    I am making my 6th trek to Philmont this summer; it will be my 4th co-ed trip. Never had any problem with privacy. Yes, you can change in your tent; just make sure you aren't spreading crumbs thru the tent. I have been the only woman on two trips, and never had an issue.
    It is a great experience to see how young men and women learn to interact and grow on these trips.

    I would agree with "Philmont-Ranger" (whom I suspect I know!) on the mutual respect issue. As for 'watering the rocks' and other bathroom issues, the girls usually serve as a "look out" for each other; the guys are respectful and turn away.

    The biggest challenge for co-ed groups is frequently the all male groups who sometimes think girls have no place at Philmont. Sadly, we have encountered them on a couple of trips.

    If you would like any other advice on the co-ed experience, feel free to email:

    I am glad to see more co-ed groups making this trip!!!

  • mimihatch

    I think maybe there is confusion over the issue of storing clothes in the tent versus changing in the tent. All my co-ed crews have changed inside their tents, but followed the bear protocols to keep their non-sleep clothes in their packs, inside the bearmuda triangle.

  • EdDzierzak

    Same here. All changed in their tents and then moved "non-sleep" clothing to their packs.

    No problem with our co-ed crew this year (our first!!!) with any attitudes from other hikers. But, on the way out, one of our young women ran into the "attitude" at the airport... I thought dinosaurs were extinct. :dry:

    Hoping for one more time around - 6/23/2014!!!!

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